A moment with… Josephine from A Tasty Love Story

5 juillet, 2014


A tasty love story has become a blog I regularly visit for healthy food ideas. Her instagram account is filled with great inspiring pictures and her blog recipes are healthy and informative. As a professional bachelor in nutrition and health, she knows her stuff. She is sharing a lot of her food trials and we are thankful for it. Here is a little bit about Josephine, the foodie blogger behind A tasty love story.


You study and blog about healthy, nutritious food. How did this all start?

I am actually not sure. I have been very interested in health and keeping a lean and fit body for as long as I remember. And combined with loving all aspects of food, especially the eating part, it sort of just came naturally to me!

What is your approach to health?

– Well health is such a broad term – and there is no doubt to me, that health goes way beyond the physical body. But that said, in my life it still starts with the more physical and practical approach. Being active and eating healthy is the best way for me to feel healthy, non stressed and in balance both mentally and physically.

You live in Denmark, in Aarhus to be precise. How do you think the Danish culture has influenced your lifestyle and choices around work, food and your blog?

– I love the Nordic food and there is no doubt that traditional Danish food as rye bread, oat porridge and summer berries are filled with nutrients, fibers and leads to good and healthy habits. But I would not say that the Danish food culture has been the major contributor to my current lifestyle. The modern Nordic food culture though is a huge inspiration when it comes to some of my recipe developing, and my memories of food served when I was a child definitely comes through too. I would rather say that my parents have inspired me to live as I do. I have my running from my father and my obsession with veggies from my mom, and of course they are rooted in the Danish culture as well, so all in all I might shine more through that what I myself think ;)

What are the places you like the most in Aarhus?

– I love all the parks, forests, small alleys with colorful old houses and old churchyards. Aarhus is where my heart is – and the best thing I know is starting the morning with a long run in my forest just taking everything in!

What are the 5 unavoidable health & cooking tips you have learnt?

– Eat vegetables and fruit
– Buy a food processor
– Cut back on sugar and refined carbs
– Enjoy every single meal equally much
– Only eat when you are hungry


Who & what inspire you?

– I am so inspired by all the talented chefs and food bloggers who are out there. I have always been very inspired by Green Kitchen Stories and My New Roots (two very popular food blogs).
And in general people I meet through my life, travels and job that have a food philosophy of their own and are really passionate about it!

What is the most helpful book you’ve read?

– I honestly do not have a true answer to this.  It could be the huge nutrition book from my BA education! But honestly I feel like answering ‘All seven Harry Potter books’ – but I do not think they have anything to do with health J

What helps you stay creative?

– The whole social media/bloggers universe out there and my love and passion for great and tasty food!


A short Proust-questionnaire

What is your favorite journey? 

– My trip to Thailand – I love that country and I had the most amazing organic cooking courses in the north of the country!

Which words or phrases do you most overuse? 

– I am hungry.

Which talent would you most like to have? 

– To be able to love and accept my entire body regardless of anything! Luckily this seems more attainable the older I get!

What is your current state of mind? 

– Happiness and excitement towards the future

What is your most treasured possession? 

– My boyfriend, hehe! Or else it must be my bicycle.

Where would you like to live? 

– In a beautiful huge, old and charming flat here in Aarhus, with a view of the oceans (as I already have) a large balcony and a little private garden!

Who are your heroes in real life? 

My mom… and all of my beautiful, strong and talented girl friends

What is your motto? 

Eat, love and laugh.



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