Why are some people luckier than others? (English)

29 avril, 2012

« Find a penny, pick it up, all day long you’ll have good luck! » 

It’s a general observation: some people are just lucky. They seem to get what they want. A friend of mine have been very lucky this past year. She used to live in London and had always dreamt of living in Paris. One day, she decides that London is not working for her anymore, she applies for 100 jobs in Paris (even though she doesn’t speak french) and 3 months later she emails me that we should grab a cup of coffee at St Paul in Le Marais because she’s now living in Paris. Job: check! She needs to find an appartment, boom the 3rd she visits is hers. And not just any appartment. One in the Montmartre area, her favorite neighbourhood of the city, it has a view over Paris and she gets to choose her flatmate. Flat: check! Oh yeah and 3 weeks after arriving to the city, she falls crazy in love with this guy who she’s with today. Love: check! Not saying she doesn’t deserve it or anything, just stating that a bit of luck was there, you have to admit. 

Some people are born beauties, some are very bright, others always meet the right people at the right time… you know what I’m talking about. So you’d think that some people just find pennies and others don’t. Well don’t think that. Luck is not something that people are born with, it’s something you can find on your own!

Specialists like David Bellaiche especially, a French professor, say that luck is the « ability to create a favorable environment around one ». It’s about « opening the box of opportunities »: 

  1. meeting the right people
  2. being on the right territories
  3. listening to the right needs

And for that to happen, he suggests 4 attitudes:

  • CURIOSITY: if you do the same stuff all the time, how are you going to experience something new and exciting? You should keep an eye on what’s around you.
  • BEING CONNECTED: the more you interact with people, help them, bring them together, the more chances you have to meet great people. 
  • CHANCE DOESN’T ALWAYS WORK: accept that sometimes everything doesn’t go the way you planned it. If you look at great people who have succeeded, they have also failed a lot of times and gotten back on their feet. They have turned weak moments into strenghts (I love that philosophy). 
  • ANTICIPATION: people who talk about their dreams and spread the word have higher chances of making them come true as other people might easilier think of them if they find something interesting. It’s about anticipating and picturing what you want to share it and make it happen.

In a nutshell, David Bellaiche says that « luck isn’t what happens to you, it’s what you make out of it ».

I’d also add that one should be

OPTIMISTIC: if you only see the bad things happening around you, you wouldn’t even see a great deal of luck if it hit you in the head! 

PROVOKE IT: you’ve got to take some risks because if you run safe all the time, it’s not very likely that something crazy will happen. If you control everything in your life, you don’t let space for anything unexpected.

Being lucky is something you make happen and a state of mind. Now go and get it. 

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