Préparatifs de voyage


Here we are! The departure for Singapour and Bali is getting closer!! I’m leaving for 2 weeks and I can’t really get my head around it. So excited to discover the beaches, the food, the sun, the massages and the local yoga classes. If you’ve already been and you know of gluten free adresses, I’d love to hear about them :)

HAY clutch


Ca y est ! Le départ pour Singapour et Bali approche à grands pas !! Je pars pour 15 jours et ne réalise pas tellement. Tellement hâte de découvrir les plages, la cuisine, le soleil, les massages et les cours de yoga locaux. Si vous y êtes déjà allé et que vous avez des adresses gluten free à conseiller, je suis toute ouïe. :)

Pochette HAY


Un nuage d’ananas sans gluten


There’s a birthday coming and you want to make a special cake without gluten in order really to treat your tummy. This is where this post comes in handy.

Last weekend we celebrated my daddy’s birthday with amazing food. I just love coming home to my parents as we share that love for cooking and baking. 1/3 of the times when I’m entering the apartment, my dad would be in the kitchen cooking something. Under the strong and tested advice from my mother, we changed all of our diets about 10 years ago. Continue reading

Blackberry granola


Stocking up for a couple of days weeks, I made some granola last time I went to see my family. As I still don’t have an oven but really enjoy having a delicious homemade granola for breakfast and snack, I made big portions. I used some simple gluten free blackberry granola which allowed me to have a fruity option that changes from raisins. Granted, the portion here is slightly over-baked so the blackberries are very… black. 

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